Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In search of truth

In our growing up years, considering history or language for further studies was never a choice for able group. Applied Science, if not basic science, if not commerce ... all fails.. then arts. This was the hierarchy. As a mainstream kid, I followed the conservative approach. Terming the subjects which were lowest in hierarchical order as "most boring" was one such conventions. Strictly followed that too. Never imagined myself to be studying history in future.

Hinduism - A Religion or a society?

We often use the term Hindu Dharma, Dharma meaning way of life. But this does not exactly transforms to western concept of a religion where the people have similar practises and worship same God.

Caste and Religion

Unlike religion (a community with a synthesised faith),  castes were the communities with gradual evolution of faith.  Castes are acquired by birth, so are religions (like Islam or Christianity). 

Hierarchy in Hinduism

Let's have a look at those lines, which are supposed to have defined hierarchy in early Indian society. Historians and sociologists keep quoting Purushasukta for the first reference of hierarchy existing between these four communities.

Can I question few assumption​s?

I am rising questions about few assumptions which have been told and accepted as facts about ancient India.

First assumption: Buddhism was all hunky dory religion, spread peacefully by Ashoka.

Resistance towards royal Religions

I keep listening to left wing historians, how Buddhism and Jainism suffered because of Brahminism, which wanted to keep the caste structure alive. I want to put across my points on the resistance to these religions offered by Brahminism as well as other communities. Were they one and the same?

Bhagavad Gita

I wanted to write a separate post on Bhagavad Gita as it interests me most. Not as the book of Hindus (I feel, we Hindus have no such book). Nor I believe, these are the words of God. (This is so cool. I need not consider Krishna as a God and still proudly call myself a Hindu. Which other religion would have given me this privilege? ) Here I will not discuss about those rational thoughts which draws me towards it, instead focus on those words which I conceive as the a rebuttal to Buddhism.

Violence by Majority

What is the common thing between these incidents? Pushyamitra destroying Buddhist Viharas in BC, Veerashaivas sacking Jain temples in medieval period, 1984 riots and Gujarat riots in 2002. All were the act of majority against minorities. Both Left and Right Wing present different version. Does the Truth has any orientation (left or right) or can truth be just truth?

Power versus Resilience

What survives after the storm, tall tree or grass? Which religion would survive longer in the world? An energetic and imposing one or the flexible and non imposing one?

Media versus Books

Who are the real movers in Indian culture, Brahmins or non Brahmins? Which works have actually passed for generations and preserved in our culture? Literary ones or the others? 

Does Deepavali signify anything historical?

In our culture, mythology and history are interwoven. Separating them is as easy as decoding information from DNA.

Ghettos v/s Integratio​n

"ನಿಮ್ಮೊಡನಿದ್ದೂ, ನಿಮ್ಮಂತಾಗದೆ " (Being with you, not being you) I could associate with these beautiful lines from poet Nissar Ahmed, when I moved away from my home country where I was among majority to become a minority in another country.

Devadasi and Sati; Evils (?) in Hindu Society

Many a times, some inevitable nuisances which can't be prevented (can be anything, from diabetes to traffic jam) need to be accepted. Denial is an easier option. Acceptance needs boldness. Acceptance not necessarily is an endorsement.

Who do I think I am?

It's my search of trying to trace my origin. Only thing I know is, what I am not. Haven't figured out what I am, yet. In terms of faith, I am agnostic (During college days, I used to be a devotee before and after the exam. Once the result comes, an atheist!).

Hinduism or Multi Culturalism?

A story I read in school The Judgement-Seat of Vikramaditya by sister Nivedita. King of Ujjain accidentally discovers the throne of Vikramaditya when he hears a shepherd boy sitting on a stone slab giving judgement with a great skill. When king decides to ascend the throne, one of the twenty five angels (carved to support the throne) asked him about one of the quality he need to have to ascend the throne. When king replies in negative, it asks him to fast for three days and come back. Every time, king is asked for one such good quality and king goes back to learn. On the final day, last angel asks him whether his heart is now as pure as a child. The king finally backs off from ascending the throne, which had allowed the shepherd boy to sit on it.